At Yesakor, each project is uniquely individual and explicitly important. We meet each of our clients face to face to establish concrete concepts within the content, aesthetics and functionality of any digital deliverable, and strive to position firm business identity at the core of our work. Each of our websites goes through a planning, design & development, and testing stage before being made live. This process is inclusive, with full flexibility and complete consideration to client input.


In our case, it is good to have a discussion with clients about some of the processes at the earlier stage of the project. This may have different method from project to project but a fixed standard is followed for most of the projects. Like most of our projects an interview will be undertaken with higher officials or concerned body of the approached company. Hand in hand with it a questionnaire will also be distributed to the specifically concerned body and made to be carefully completed.


Following that we get engaged on both coming up with an original design and creating a responsive prototype to demonstrate a typical navigation pattern. This proved a useful example and helped us create the reliance of their marketing department.


Following all the above stages, in order to make the design appropriately built We work hard. The initial development stage involved taking each designed page, then turning it into an HTML/CSS template. And then integrated these into the site’s CMS — Joomla.


All the websites built here are launched after the all the necessary checking stages are undertaken. The major checks made are SEO, Security, Device and Browser compatibility.